The Best Vintage & Thrift Stores in Lisbon & Porto, Portugal

Whenever planning a trip to a new (or old) destination, we all have particular interests we are passionate about exploring. In addition to the “must-see” sights and experiences, mine include walking tours, art galleries, gluten-free restaurants, and (naturally) vintage/thrift stores and flea markets. To coincide with each of my city-specific vintage & thrift hauls, there will be a blog post that details my favorite thrift and vintage stores in that city so that you can bookmark and save the page for the next time you find yourself there! I have already posted my top picks for Los Angeles and Portland, so today it is time to have a look at the best vintage/thrift stores in Lisbon & Porto, Portugal!

Lisboa (Lisbon)

A Outra Face da Lua – Hands down the best vintage shop in Lisbon, A Outra Face da Lua is a gem that can’t be missed. Located downtown, in the middle of Lisboa’s commerce district, this very colorful vintage shop is brimming with 50s dresses, 70s skirts, and one of the most amazing collections of Japanese kimonos I have ever seen. I bought a fantastic floral dress for 15 euros; but, that was one of the only pieces on sale (always a bargain hunter!). Skirts were around 30 euros, dresses approximately 50, and the kimonos I was drooling over about 120 euros. I thought everything was reasonably priced, and there were some fantastic pieces to be added to some lucky lady or gents collection. Several times a year they have blow-out sales, which I presume they will post on their Facebook page. Oh, and did I mention that they also have a café serving tea and cakes? Heaven.

Retro City Lisboa – If you find yourself in Lisbon looking for a new fur coat, sequin leotard, or Hawaiian shirt (and obviously I see this as completely normal behavior), then Retro City Lisboa is the place you need to go. Situated in the heart of Lisboa, Retro City Lisboa specializes in styles from the 50s to the 90s and is another haven for Lisboa’s vintage lovers.

HUMANA Lisboa – The only thrift store I went into during my time in Lisboa was HUMANA Lisboa, which is conveniently located right around the corner from A Outra Face da Lua. HUMANA is a network of 31 development organizations from around the world, and HUMANA Portugal focuses on sending humanitarian aid to countries and communities most in need of development in the field of Education, Culture, and Assistance. I remember seeing their charity shops in Berlin, but this was the first one I had stepped foot inside. Upstairs they had an entire vintage section (which had 30% off everything the day I was there), and I made a couple of fantastic purchases (so I believe) for my summer closet. I don’t know if every HUMANA has a similar vintage section, but I would highly recommend checking this particular one out just for that reason.

Feira da Ladra – With a name that translates as the “thieves fair,” Feira da Ladra is Lisboa’s oldest and most vibrant flea market. The vendors here specialize in antiques and second-hand items including jewelry (that is begging to be layered), ceramics (that might need a bit of a dust), and old coins (that can’t be used in circulation but look shiny!). There is definitely a lot of junk here, but I was able to score a couple of necklaces. If you are looking for homewares (decorations, vintage cups, intricate frames) this place would be dope, as these were the types of loot that I saw the most. Even if you don’t need to carry frames in your suitcase, the location itself is worth a visit. Feira da Ladra is located between the splendid Panteão Nacional (the Pantheon) and the imposing church of São Vicente (near which the famous Tram 28 stops). But that’s not all: if you go a little bit more uphill, deeper into the flea market and pass the Panteão Nacional, you will reach a lovely park (the Jardim Botto Machado) from which you will get a stunning view over the rooftops of the Alfama district and the Tagus River.

LX Factory – The contemporary art center known as the LX Factory is home to a variety of start-up businesses, ranging from wine bars to workspaces for artists. Every Sunday the LX Factory hosts an outdoor flea market along its main street. Here, vendors sell quirky second-hand and local designer clothing, handmade jewelry, and old-school vinyl and gadgets. Personally, my favorite vendors were the local designers who were selling all sorts of unusual wares and trinkets. I didn’t find too many things this time that I craved, but I would highly suggest strolling around the area on a Sunday afternoon before indulging in brunch. There is also a permanent vintage store inside the LX Factory which had a brilliant selection of sunglasses and clip-on earrings!



Ornitorrinco – While I had Ornitorrinco on my “must-shop” Porto list, I actually accidentally stumbled into it while doing some more *ahem* cultural sightseeing. This particular vintage store is situated right next to Torre dos Clérigos (a 76m-high baroque bell tower that offers city-wide views), so climb up that and then reward yourself with a spot of shopping instead of dessert. This store is small but mighty, and the items were cheap as chips. Everything I saw was under 15 euros, and I even got a couple of necklaces for 1 euro each! Magical!

PATCH Lifestyle Concept Store – Without a doubt, one of the coolest shops in Porto, PATCH Lifestyle Concept Store is the perfect blend of new and used merchandise: fashion, home accessories, furnishing, lighting, and design. The large space is organized into different sections, and everything is beautifully laid out. Take it from experience; one can spend some hours flicking through the racks of hats, umming and ahhing over bedazzled waist belts, and dreaming of the doodles that could potentially be penned in their beautiful notebooks.

Mon Père Vintage – The loveliest vintage store owner in Portugal goes to — Mon Père Vintage! Everyone I interacted with in Portugal was lovely, but I had a significant amount of fun inside this particular store. Somehow between the laughter and talk of vintage shopping around the world, I came out with three very pink pieces. Most of the items here were loud 80s/90s prints, making this a great stop if your stylistic inspirations are more from the latter half of the 20th century.

So there you have it! The best vintage/thrift stores in Lisbon & Porto, Portugal – let me know if there are any I have missed out or any other recommendations you have for vintage shopping around the world!

– To see what I bought, check out my Come Thrifting With Me in Portugal video!


Originally published on April 18th, 2017


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