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Clean beauty is on everyone’s minds at the moment, as word spreads fast when it comes to the fact that there are many products people put on their faces and in their hair that actually do more harm than good. Plus, the USA hasn’t passed any related-legislation in decades, meaning that consumers have almost no legal protection, and companies don’t have to reveal much about what goes into their products. It is disheartening to learn about and, honestly, quite terrifying.

As with many things, switching over to a clean beauty regime is a process that includes completely rethinking your relationship with products, studying ingredients, and then trying to find formulas that work for you. I have already learned that there is a lot of trial-and-error involved, especially because it remains a niche within the beauty industry. For that reason, I am so excited to introduce another new series on the site today – Clean Beauty Muses – featuring fabulous women who favor clean beauty products to get their glow. After all, who better to learn from than our fellow peers? 

Our first series guest is one of my oldest friends (really she is my sister’s best friend but ssshh), Dizzy Bagley. For years, she has been the Heyside girls’ go-to resource for everything beauty-related. Sure, she always looks far more fabulous than we are (sorry Mel), but I always know I can count on her to fill me in on the latest beauty trends, DIY products, and clean skincare. I am so excited to bring her knowledge to the site; I am sure that you will have so many ideas after reading this! Hope you enjoy!

Jenny xoxo



+ Hello! Introduce yourself!

I’m Dizzy, a Scouser [someone from Liverpool, UK] who’s been living in London for eight years. I’m a ‘creative,’ which basically means I do a bit of everything! I have combination skin, and I used to have eczema and acne. This is what I do to keep my skin as healthy as possible!

+ What does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty means appreciation. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that means every part of you can be seen as beautiful. You’ve just gotta see it yourself!

+ Why are you passionate about clean beauty?

Skin is the biggest organ in the body, so it needs to be healthy, it’s not merely for vanity. If I wanted to eat healthily, my diet wouldn’t involve a bunch of unnatural/ processed foods, so I don’t give that to my skin either. A bonus is that when my skincare returns to the earth or the sea, it doesn’t harm the life there.



+ What does your morning skincare routine look like?

My morning routine is simple; I’m bigger on my night time routine. I don’t sleep with AC/heating – so nothing is drying in the air, and I’m not a sweaty sleeper – so my skin isn’t very dirty! I’ll spray some rose water on my face and wipe it off to give it a light clean. (I buy pure rose water from the supermarket and put it in spray bottles). Then depending on the season/ my skin, I put on a moisturizer- at the moment, I’m using sweet almond oil and shea butter on dryer areas. Then I give myself a quick lymphatic massage, or if my face is unusually puffy, I’ll use a jade roller.

When I’m on my period, I tend to get spotty, so I use a spot solution I’ve made, which is a mix of rosewater, tea tree oil, witch hazel, sweet almond oil, and a tiny bit of black soap dissolved in water. And then, sunscreen! La Roche Posay or Biore, which is the only unnatural thing I use on my face. I use it every day- even though I live in cloudy England.

+ What does your nighttime skincare routine look like?

I oil cleanse using extra virgin olive oil. You rub oil all over your face (it’s an incredible makeup remover), then I put hot water on a muslin cloth and wring it, before wiping off all the oil until my face is clean. It’s essential to find the right oil for you and to make sure you get all the oil off your skin. Oil is an emulsifier, and oil cleansing is not going to make you spottier, as long as you find the right one and clean it off properly. I love doing this because it hydrates dry skin, gives my skin vitamins, exfoliates, gets rid of blackheads, removes excess sebum, and fights bacteria. Side note: make sure you put your muslin in the wash after each use, I own about nine!

 After oil cleansing, I’ll tone with rose water. I then apply hyaluronic acid while my skin is still wet. I use Joyal Beauty as its 100% natural, vegan, free of parabens, and fragrance. Then I have a bottle with a tiny bit of glycerin mixed with rose water and spritz that on. (My obsession with rose water is because it’s clean water that has been boiled, isn’t from a tap, and has a pleasant smell!). Glycerin is quite sticky, so you only need a small amount, but it’s an excellent oil-free moisturizer. After that, I’ll put on sweet almond oil [Art of Bam], especially under my eyes – it’s incredible for bags. And my spot solution if I need it, or if I’m I’m due on my period.

I make sure all that stuff is applied with clean hands and make sure it’s mostly absorbed before getting into bed. I also make sure my hair is out of my face when I sleep by either tying or wrapping it up/ wearing a hairband. A huge thing for me is not to use tap water on my face, they put chemicals in the water to treat it and in London the water is really hard – it’s very drying – so I only use boiled water on my skin (saw massive changes when I started this).

The first two weeks that I switched to clean products, my skin did purge as it was used to me using drying ingredients on my skin instead of emulsifying, so if you’re thinking about going down a similar route, do give your skin time!



+ Do you have any other beauty routines?

Once a week, I wash my face with black soap and also do a mask. Everyone has been so obsessed with acid peels recently; I do a DIY one made of orange juice (like literally cut an orange and rub it on your face and leave it for 20 mins). It sounds strange, but it’s sooo brightening and full of vitamin C. Also, honey masks are excellent. There are so many natural mask recipes out there, give them a go! I occasionally derma roll my face as well, but I don’t know if that counts as clean beauty…but it is an incredible tool!

+ Any go-to clean beauty products and brands?

So ask you can see I pretty much make everything myself! So I’m going to say the supermarket/ pharmacy! My logic is if I couldn’t eat it, then don’t put it on your skin.

+ What is the most challenging aspect of clean beauty for you?

FOMO! I see all these beautiful products and wanna buy them, but my skin has never been better since I switched to natural clean beauty, so I don’t bother buying new things, just scan the ingredients for inspo.

+ Have you noticed any changes since switching to clean beauty?

Ultimately you can have the best skin regimen in the world, but if you’re not eating right/ drinking enough water/ sleeping enough, the effects will show up on your skin. I’ve seen a dramatic change in my skin since using clean beauty, to the point where people comment on it. We’ve been educated that we need harsh ingredients to clean our skin and strip our face of all-natural oils, but all that does is make our skin create way more sebum than it needs as it is trying to overcompensate – its a marketing scheme! Obviously, some people have hormonal issues, but we do need to re-educate about how to take care of our skin without harming ourselves and the planet!

+ For someone new to clean beauty, what is one tip you would give?

If you don’t know where to start with clean beauty, I would say stop using makeup wipes!


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