Do I Miss My Closet?

Considering we are well and truly into Spring, I should probably get my bottom into gear and finally post all the shots that Mel (my photographer, not sister) and I took back in December. While it does snow frequently in Cleveland, by the beginning of May, I can assure you it has all truly melted. However, looking at the contents of my current suitcase, we aren’t going to be getting any high-quality outfit photos for a while, so I may as well blabber on and post these.


It seems like a lifetime ago since we shot these photos, five months in fact. And it also seems difficult to fathom that I have clothes spewed all over the world. Let’s do an inventory check, shall we? Currently, I have a very large, very packed storage unit in Los Angeles, a bedroom filled with clothes in Cleveland, a variety of bits and bobs at my sister’s house in London, and a medium-sized suitcase (and books) at my Grandparent’s house in Liverpool. (EDIT: as of May 2019, the storage unit in LA is cleared out and done with and I don’t think there is anything left in London. The books are gone from my Grandparent’s house as of last week, but clothes remain. I would say that is progress…?) Plus there is a suitcase of mine floating around Europe somewhere that I gave to a travel buddy in 2011 to look after and then never heard from again. And a box of all my hiking and camping stuff, from when I trekked to Everest Base Camp and lived in the Himalayas for a little, that I shipped back to America, Mum forgot to pick up, and it was sent back to India. But we will forget about those things…


So, the question of the day is…..DRUM ROLL….. Do I miss my closet? Now considering I am asking myself the question, you can presume I have already thought about it. In fact, it is something I think about most mornings as I pull on the same jeans that I have been wearing for five days in a row. Interestingly, over the past few weeks in Germany, I have started to notice a trend. I wear the same outfit in each city and then change it when I arrive somewhere new. Sort of like a “uniform” specific to each locale.


The grey and turquoise animal print sweater that I seem to be wearing all the time is my “travel sweater.” It is the heaviest one I have in my possession which necessitates that I wear it when on the move. For practical purposes, it just doesn’t fit into my suitcase. I wore it almost daily in Glasgow and Hamburg because it was so cold; but, since the weather has perked up, I only really need to reach for it when I am taking another bus. In Hamburg, I wore my blue Paige denim jeans basically every day, which means they are now in my ever-growing laundry bag (really hoping to do laundry this weekend!). In Bremerhaven, I shocked the locals by wearing my high-waisted vintage blue pants each day. In Hanover, I wore a pair of plaid Zara pants that have an elasticized waist making them extremely comfy while also looking put-together. Since being in Düsseldorf, I have donned my black jeans. Who knows what Cologne will bring next?


I find this pattern interesting because it makes me think my brain is clinging on to one tiny routine in my otherwise routine less life. Not having to decide what to wear in the morning is one less decision I have to make in a lifestyle that forces me to make big and small decisions every couple of minutes. While everything else may be different, the way my blue sweater with the oversized sleeves feels remains the same. Instead of wasting brainpower on putting together ensembles, I instead can use that energy to make sure I get off at the right tram stop, don’t leave my card in a coffee shop, remember to book somewhere to sleep for the night, recall which country I am wandering around. When everything is up-in-the-air, the clothes in my suitcase remain stable. So, back to the question. At this very moment, no, I don’t miss my closet. But I shall check back in on this matter when my dresses and I are reunited.

Outfit Details

Zara hat / I-forget-the-brand gilet / I-forget-the-brand-that-sent-this-to-me dress /

Sam Edelman boots (last seen here) / H&M bag


Originally published on May 4th, 2018


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