Morning Routine // A Houston Yoga Teacher Who Wakes Up To NPR


If you are anything like me, you can’t resist learning about people’s routines. I love to know how people schedule their time and utilize their energy. Morning routines really get me going because they are key to having the best day possible. Whenever I talk to someone about their morning routine, I always learn something new. Everyone does it a little bit differently, which makes sense, considering we are all a little bit different. In this series, I am going to speak with women of different ages, different backgrounds, and different lifestyles about how they spend their first few waking hours. For our inaugural “Morning Routine” series, we are welcoming Kelsey Konsen of Yoga Balance in Houston, Texas. 



+ Hello! Introduce yourself!

Hi! I am Kelsey Konsen, and I am the owner and Chief Yoga Officer of Yoga Balance, inc. in Houston, Texas. I started my company five years ago with the idea that I wanted to make the benefits of yoga accessible to as many people as possible by taking it out of the studio and bringing it to people’s offices and private homes. In addition to corporate and private classes, I was recently certified to teach prenatal yoga and am in the planning stages of a mini-series of classes that will integrate childbirth education and prenatal yoga – something I am really excited about! My husband of ten years, Tomas and I are originally from Ohio and went to college in Marietta, OH at Marietta College. We moved to Gillette, WY, after college and then to Houston in 2008. While our lives have taken us away from Ohio, we still love Ohio State Football and all things Ohio autumn.

+ Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird for sure! My job sort of makes that decision for me as my days begin at 5 am.

+ What time do you wake-up?

Monday through Friday, I wake up at 5 am to teach at 6 am. I get to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, but I hardly think most people would call 8 am sleeping in!

+ How do you wake up each day?

I use my iPhone alarm. I am not one to snooze my alarm, so when it goes off, I’m out of bed.

+ What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I change my clothes, first thing. Most of the time, I do it as fast as possible because I am always cold. Because of that, I regularly wear too many clothes for my first class of the day. You can ask any of my friends on any given day, and they can tell you precisely what I’m wearing – black yoga pants and a gray or black tank, with or without my company logo. I’m not very adventurous.



+ Describe your morning routine from start to finish.

My alarm goes off at 5 am. I get up immediately and change my clothes. Since I almost always wear all black, it certainly makes getting dressed simple. I then wash my face, put my contacts in, and grab my toothbrush. My husband is usually still sleeping, so I quietly leave the bathroom, kiss him goodbye, and head downstairs. I make a protein shake every morning for breakfast, so I assemble that next. I then brush my teeth and check traffic/my schedule for the day, heading out for the morning by 5:35 am.

+ Favourite morning routine products.

My 5 am wake-up call means that I always have puffy under eyes. I use Physicians Formula Cucumber and Bamboo Eye De-Puffer and absolutely love it. It not only de-puffs my tired eyes, but it also seems to have some peppermint in it that helps to wake me up.

As a yoga teacher, deodorant matters. I use Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream in jasmine green tea. It’s a natural deodorant that actually works – and I have literally tried them all, survived them all (even the rashes) to find this one, that keeps me smelling great all the way to my last client.

It doesn’t really count as a morning routine product, but without them, I would have to do more in the very early morning. I have eyelash extensions and I love how they make me look more put together without my having to do a whole makeup routine.



+ What do you eat for breakfast?

A protein shake made from a frozen banana, ice, a cup of coconut milk, a cup of coffee, two scoops of collagen, one scoop of Vega One Vanilla, a spoonful of almond butter and a dash of cinnamon. After my first class, I usually have a bit of a break, so I head home and make a coconut milk latte.

+ What’s your morning soundtrack?

This answer will be unpopular, but I can’t have too much going on while I drive to my early class. I usually am listening to the news on NPR – I am everyone’s dad.

+ Do you work-out in the morning?

I teach yoga at 6 am each morning, so while I am not physically doing the whole class, I demo to help clients understand the mechanics of poses. If I have time, I will sign up for an 8 am Reformer Pilates class; otherwise, I tend to work-out in the evening.



+ How does your morning routine change on the weekend?

I definitely don’t wake up at 5 am on the weekend. I sleep in (for me) until about 8 am and then usually take a spin class on Saturday mornings. My husband and I often go out for breakfast on Sundays before running errands and doing laundry.

+ Healthiest morning habit?

Protein shake for breakfast. Before I started this breakfast routine, I wasn’t eating anything before leaving the house, and then by 10 am, I was ravenous. It tastes great and fuels me for the morning.

+ Worst morning habit?

Too much coffee. I love coffee so much and often have one or two cups in addition to the cup in my shake. I really need to drink more water, but it just doesn’t taste as good. #confessionsofayogateacher

+ One word to describe your mornings?



Thank you, Kelsey!


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