The Fall/Winter Styles I’m Most Excited About

Fall/Winter 19 Trends

For years I have spent excessive amounts of time watching runway shows, reading reviews of said shows, and then observing how the ideas put forth trickle down and are spread around in the form of trends. Usually, I shy away from actually taking part in trends…even if I like them. Mainly because I hate being told what to do! This year, however, feels slightly different. I really like some of the major trends and can think of no good reason why I can’t incorporate them into my current wardrobe. Part of it is a result of this season’s trends being pretty practical. But, I also think that I am less afraid of submitting to trends because I have a stronger sense of my personal style. It’s like I can assure myself deep-down that I can discern the difference between trends that align with what I usually wear and ones that do not.

So, here are the five fall/winter trends 19 trends that I will be scouring my local thrift stores for and how I envision wearing them.


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Admittedly, pistachio is a color that has never before been part of my repertoire. So, what better time to experiment with another shade of the rainbow than the season when multiple designers opted to send down the runway head-to-toe looks in this nutty shade.  There were silky verdant looks at Sally LaPointe, maxi dresses paired with beanies at Marc Jacobs, and a dreamy combo of a sage skirt and pistachio hued jacket at Jil Sander. Start injecting this color into your closet with a basic short-sleeved pocket tee or long-sleeved tie-dye number courtesy of Reformation swoon. Play with different shades of green to keep your outfit from looking too uniform.


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I’ll never tire of my big chunky knits; but, until it starts snowing, I am content with wrapping myself up in cardigans. The best part, there are multiple ways to wear your cardigan: Layer it over a slip dress, button it up as a top with jeans, or tie it around your shoulders for a chilly evening. Cardigans come in all varieties – one glance in a thrift store will prove that – so cover your basics and then opt for a couple of more colorful or embellished ones. During the day, I am enjoying wearing a blue and white striped one that I thrifted in Denver with jeans and then a vintage black wool one with a sequinned collar for the evening. My longer black Opening Ceremony one remains a go-to for layering. But, I do want to find some that are slightly more out-there, to switch things up. Alternatively, Everlane has beautiful cashmere crew cardigans that are worth the investment because they are never going to go out of style.


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No longer does donning a Fair Isle print signify that you are off on a Nordic expedition (although, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind getting ready to do just that). After being shown in countless runways— including Celine and Altuzarra – the knitwear style named after a small island off of the North Coast of Scotland is officially a trend. What differentiates a Fair Isle print from an Unfair one? Well, I am no knitting expert, but I believe that you can tell a Fair Isle because it will have two (or more) colors of yarn in the same row. L.L. Bean has a ton of options; I particularly like the navy turtleneck and the zip cardigan for extra snuggles. The most obvious way to style it would be with your winter cords and some sherpa boots drizzled with snow. But, I love how fashion week ladies didn’t wait until December and opted to wear the print with pastel slip skirts and lighter denim.


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During my last thrifting session, I found the most insane red leather bucket hat. It was double the price of everything else, which made me pause for a moment, but, ultimately, I came to my senses and realized that for $16, it was still a steal. My Mum has already deemed it my “piece” of this fall/winter, and she is probably correct (as usual). It just makes me so happy. Bucket hats have been a thing for a couple of seasons, and – before setting my sights on this particular red leather bucket hat – I didn’t expect to take part in the trend. Yet, here we are. I think it just goes to show that there is always a way to incorporate trends into your closet while remaining true to your personal style. Now I am itching for a corduroy one! If you are too impatient to wait to find on in your local thrift store, The Real Real currently has lots of designer ones. We are talking neon-orange Prada sport, classic checked Burberry, and lambskin Louis Vuitton.


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Why aren’t capes a fall/winter wardrobe staple? Can we petition whoever decides these things to add them to the list? These magical pieces of outerwear (they are elevated blankets) deserve to be strutted around in year after year. Versatile, comfortable, and the perfect way to add flair to an outfit,  I am happy that this season they are being embraced. You can’t go wrong by taking a page from Chanel’s book and wearing a long black cape over a sheer white top and shiny black pants. I am also a fan of Marc Jacob’s use of animal print that pairs nicely with skirts, dresses, and leather pants. Same, same but different, Celine sent ponchos down the F/W19 runways, and I would love to throw one of those on with jeans like as I would with a sweater.

Other notable trends I am keeping my eyes open for at the thrift store include high-neck ruffled collar blouses, asymmetric/one-shoulder tops, snake-print shoes, and tiger print everything. And, trends that I know we both already have in our wardrobes? Belted blazers, denim-on-denim, and knit-on-knit.

Are there any trends that you are excited about? What is on your thrifting wishlist at the moment?

Let me know in the comments below!

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