The Weekly Edit: Happy Holidays

It is the last post of the year! (And SURPRISE, The Weekly Edit is going to be posted on a Friday from now on!) This year, I am taking the next couple of weeks off to fully relax and enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. As we speak, my sister is on a plane bound to Cleveland from London, and I am so excited for us all to be reunited this evening. We have lots of holiday-things planned; some are our yearly traditions, like seeing the Cleveland Orchestra Holiday concert and eating at the same restaurant on Christmas Eve. But, we also have switched some things up to keep us on our toes. We are going to go and see the Michaelangelo exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art, take in the holiday decor at the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, and then see Little Women on Christmas Day! Follow me on Instagram, so we aren’t strangers over the next couple of weeks!

I will be back to work after New Year’s, so you can expect fresh, post-holidays content on Monday, January 6th! And I am excited to come back invigorated and ready to go with lots of new interviews, perspectives, and articles. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for your support over the past few weeks with the new direction that this site is going. I have loved hearing your feedback and enjoyed starting to grow this community of badass conscious renaissance women.

Lots of love! xoxo

Apart from The O.C. Chrismukkah album (my all-time fave), I get pretty sick of hearing the same versions of Christmas songs over and over again. So I am very excited that this year there are two new albums that we can add to the rotation. Robbie Williams’ The Christmas Present features a selection of covers of popular holiday songs as well as a bunch of originals – have a listen to “Snowflakes” – and is a nice shake-up for the seasonal playlist. And, because we can’t totally run away from politics (nor should we), Randy Rainbow’s Hey Gurl, It’s Chrismas wraps up the comedian’s *unique* style of humor and lyrics with a festive bow.

Just like my “to-travel” list, it seems like the more I read, the longer my “to-read” list gets. I have never taken part in a reading challenge, but I think 2020 is going to be the year that I change that. I love the idea of someone else helping to narrow down my choices! This year I have listened to many episodes of “The Reading Women” podcast (I featured it in my “A Week of Podcasts: Monday to Friday Female-Hosted Listening” post), and so I have decided that their reading challenge is the one for me. (I can probably also incorporate some of the books into my book club!) It has 24 challenges, including “nonfiction by a woman historian,” “a book about the environment,” and “by an LGBTQ+ author.” All of the books must be written by women because – as their tagline states – we are “reclaiming half the bookshelf.” I will keep you updated on the books that I do read as part of the challenge in this Weekly Edit series! Have you ever done a reading challenge?

My new favorite show! I started watching Babylon Berlin this past weekend, and within one episode, I was hooked. The German show is set during the Weimar Republic in 1929 Berlin and shows both the glamor and the vice of the city. The neo-noir crime drama follows police commissioner Gereon Rath as he is transferred from Cologne to Berlin and starts investigating one of Berlin’s most prominent pornography rings. Add into the mix an even bigger Soviet conspiracy, and you have a gripping show! There is a fantastic female lead, lots of other brilliant characters, and incredible visuals. Keep in mind that it takes a few episodes to understand how everything starts to connect, so it isn’t that you missed anything! I look forward to binging the rest of the two seasons over the holidays so that I am ready when Season 3 is released in 2020!

If reducing your waste is one of your goals in the New Year, then you need to check out Zero Waste Store, which has everything you need to make some switches. From cleaning supplies to beauty products, pet care to hair care, the online store has you covered, and everything is a reasonable price. I have purchased quite a few items from the store this year, and I look forward to using it to make more small changes moving forward.

1. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, a reconsideration of Santa’s lap.

2. The future of fashion has to be a circular economy.

3. In Dresden, Germany, bakers kickstart the holiday season with a four-ton cake.

4. A fantastic list (with many more articles for you to read) of 52 things the author learned in 2019.

5. The trailer for the upcoming Kiera Knightly movie, Misbehaviour, looks so good!

Let me know what you have been loving this week!


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