The Weekly Edit / Sustainable Travel Clothing and 60’s Movies


This weekend was one of the best of the summer because my sister was in town from London! We spent our time together introducing her to new eateries and coffee shops in Cleveland, attending the Cleveland Museum of Art’s monthly Mix party, trying out rooftop yoga, and seeing lots of friends. It also was my parent’s wedding anniversary which added an extra-special touch to the whole thing. While fall has definitely started to arrive in Cleveland, this weekend the city looked extra beautiful, and it was so fun to have Mel back in the hood to experience it. Tomorrow I am heading to Denver (for the first time!), so today I am focusing on getting ahead on work before I have to start packing. If you missed it, over the weekend, I posted my NYC Haul featuring items from the Opening Ceremony sample sale and lots of thrifted goodies. Here’s what else I am loving this week:



I listen to a lot of jazz – both because I love the genre (I always wanted to learn to play the saxophone but stuck with bass clarinet throughout high school!) and because I find it the perfect background music for my writing sessions. While I usually put a jazz playlist on shuffle while I am working, on the weekends in Cleveland I tend to spend at least one evening listening to the piano-tinklings of my family-friend and Northeast Ohio’s “First Lady of Jazz,” Jackie Warren. Undoubtedly, this lady is a genius whose hands move faster across the keys than you could conceivably imagine being possible. A couple of weeks ago, she released her latest album “After Hours” which is a collection of tunes inspired by her late-night sets at our regular haunt, Nighttown. The nine-track album ranges from jazz standards to Latin tunes, with all of the tracks capturing the late-night vibe that the afterhours crowd can’t get enough of. Next time you need to set the mooood, you will know exactly what to put on.



Part cultural meander, part memoir, Flâneuse, was an absolute joy to read. The French term, flâneur, refers to a male with immense privilege and an abundance of time who wanders around the cities of the world at his own pace. The term has always referred to males and conversation surrounding it has omitted the similar wanderings of females throughout the centuries. Lauren Elkin seeks to change that by writing a book that documents what urban settings have meant to women and vice versa. She discusses the cross-dressing nineteenth-century novelist George Sand, the Parisian artist Sophie Calle, the wartime correspondent Martha Gellhorn, and the writer Jean Rhys, as well as her own walks through Paris, Venice, New York, Tokyo, and London. As someone keenly aware of both the liberating potential of a city walk and the myriad of challenges that a metropolis brings to females, I loved reading this cultural and historical look at what urban settings have meant to women.



On my final evening in NYC with my BFF Ava, when we were all shopped out and waiting for my late-night bus, she suggested watching an episode of CNN: The Movies. I hadn’t heard of the series but was willing to watch anything that wasn’t Love Island (sorry Ava, I hate that show). This documentary miniseries (produced by Tom Hanks!) chronicles the cinema history of the United States with six episodes covering the “Golden Age of Hollywood” to the present day. We got comfy on the sofa with her dog, Ozzy, and got to watching “The Sixties.” At two hours long (with commercial breaks), these episodes are jam-packed with information and interviews with some of the most knowledgable people in film. The episode did an excellent job of situating the movies within the cultural context of the decade and the societal and political shifts that impacted the movies that were produced. It turns out, I have hardly seen any of this decade’s movies, so I was furiously taking notes that I can refer to next time I am in the mood for a film. Due to the length of the list, I have a feeling I should start working on watching these movies before I watch another episode! Here are the 60s movies that I intend on watching and re-watching:

West Side Story / Spartacus / Lawrence of Arabia / The Apartment / Breakfast at Tiffanys / Splendor in the Grass / The Manchurian Candidate / Psycho / That Touch of Milk /  The Producers / Dr Strangelove / Becket / Doctor Zhivago / My Fair Lady / Mary Poppins / The Sound of Music / Funny Girl / Cool Hand Luke / Goldfinger / The Misfits / Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid / To Kill a Mockingbird / A Raisin in the Sun / Guess Who is Coming to Dinner? / In the Heat of the Night / Rosemary’s Baby / Planet of the Apes / 2001: A Space Odyssey / Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? / Bonnie and Clyde / The Graduate / Easy Rider / The Wild Angels / Midnight Cowboy / Breathless



At the beginning of the year, I went through an immense process of simplifying my tech life. Part of that required me to unsubscribe from everything that filled up my e-mail inbox daily yet always remained unopen. By doing this, I allowed my inbox to have the space only to receive newsletters that brought me value. Now, each morning, I look forward to seeing what has landed in it, and there are plenty of newsletters that I genuinely enjoy reading (maybe a future blog post?). Last week, it was announced that New York literary critic Molly Young is starting a monthly newsletter of book recommendations and you best believe that I signed up right away. After receiving the first issue of Read Like The Wind, I can confirm that this is going to be a great newsletter for those who are looking for some more variety on their bookshelves. Molly is a hilarious writer with a wide range of literary tastes, and I appreciate that she doesn’t just focus on new books, but also ones published in years prior that you may have missed.



I can’t quite remember when I first came across Wayre, but I have been following the brand’s IndieGoGo journey for what seems like a while. This new travel line focuses on making wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and stylish travel pieces that are made from reclaimed plastic bottles. Yay eco-friendly brands! Right now they have a three-piece wardrobe that has you covered for all warm-weather possibilities – The Shift & Snap Tank, The Flow Short, & The Seville Dress – that all come in four color options (used black, glacier blue, clay & gingham plaid). In addition to being eco-friendly and ethically made, each piece has thoughtful details for travelers such as the secret internal pocket in the shorts. They offer inclusive sizing and combo deals if you fancy a couple of their pieces. Right now they are in production and expect to start shipping pieces in November! I am seriously considering ordering the tank and shorts for some warm-weather travel I am set to be doing over winter.


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