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Welcome to Week of Outfits, a regular column wherein I ask stylish women with closets filled with thrifted, vintage, and sustainable clothes to document their outfits for a week. Today’s installment features Melody Walker. By day she is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, by night a costume designer and wardrobe supervisor at various local theatres in Cleveland, Ohio. She documents all of her vintage-inspired outfits on her Instagram @melchristian_ and blog



Crop Top Turtleneck // Thrifted H&M
Pants // Vintage Alfred Dunner
Shoes // Payless
Purse // Vintage 1950s Handbag
Coat // Vintage 1960s/70s Sears Plaid Wool Coat
Scarf // Thrifted from Salvation Army (no tag)
Earrings // Vintage from Designer Consignor
Sunglasses // Reproduction from Flower Child

This is a typical outfit that I wear to work. It’s practical, classic, and can transition from work to after-work happy hour with friends. Slight changes that I would make would be swapping the nude pink lipstick for a bolder red lipstick and piling on more accessories. I like to mix thrifted finds with vintage and draw much inspiration from the past. Audrey Hepburn and Dorothy Dandridge are two of my personal style icons. As a lover of history and all things antique, most of my inspiration derives from old films, vintage photographs, and jazzy music.



Dress // Vintage Cynthia Howie
Fur Collar // Gifted from my aunt from Avalon Exchange
Purse // Gifted from my cousin during her trip to the Bahamas
Shoes // Random eBay find
Earrings // Vintage from Designer Consignor

The 1940s – 1970s are what I typically hunt for when I’m vintage shopping. I love 1940s looks for Fall/Winter because much of the style felt utilitarian and practical in strong boxy shapes. This 1980s/90s does 40s number is flattering and comfortable. I love the box pleating and an excessive amount of pockets. I wore this for a movie night with my best friend – finally saw Parasite, which provided plenty of aesthetic and fabulous storytelling inspiration!



Blouse // Thrifted American Eagle Outfitters from Salvation Army
Pants // Thrifted (no label) from Salvation Army
Purse // Vintage 1960s Evening Purse
Coat // Vintage 2000s Isaac Mizrahi
Headband // Target
Shoes // Forever21
Earrings // vintage from a vintage collector, Cynthia Deering

This outfit was predominately thrifted at Salvation Army during their half off day. It is a go-to fit of mine because I love wearing two flowy items at once despite my height. The blouse is ruffled and has big billowy sleeves, and the pants are wide-legged pleated pants that require heels on someone of my height. I wore this to my school for work and ran a few errands that evening.



Dress // Vintage 1970s Lady Carol Petites of New York
Shoes // Payless
Coat // Gifted from my cousin, Vintage 1950s/60s Aleutian
Scarf // Vintage 1950s found at Goodwill
Earrings // Vintage from Designer Consignor
Purse // Vintage 1950s Handbag from Chelsea’s Costumes

Today was just a day filled with work and running errands. I typically feel more comfortable in a dress as opposed to pants and will dress up on an uneventful day. The weather in Cleveland has been very nice, so I figured it was a great time to wear one of my favorite, most lived in long-sleeved vintage dresses.



Jumpsuit & Matching Sweater // Vintage 1970s (no label)
Shoes // Payless
Purse // Vintage 1960s Evening Purse (same as Wednesday)

This is another outfit that I wear during the day at work and then later on during the evening. Friday, I had to take measurements of actors in a play that I am costume designing. It was my first meeting with the actors, and I wanted to make a good first impression, so I wore a go-to look for me. This chocolate brown jumpsuit gives me a lot of confidence and provides a feminine and strong look. It reminds me of Diane Von Furstenberg during the 1970s.



Coat // Vintage 1960s Faux Fur
Bodysuit // Forever21
Pants // Vintage 1980s Cristina
Headband // Target
Shoes // Payless

Saturday was a day spent out and about with one of my best girlfriends, so I wanted to wear something playful that I normally cannot wear to work. I love the juxtaposition of wearing lingerie and bodysuits as every-day wear and pairing it with masculine trousers. Because my outfit is a bit skimpy, I included a big vintage faux fur coat as it is super warm and a stylish addition!



Negligee // Vintage 1950s/60s (no label)
Bed Jacket // Gifted Vintage 1960s/70s Eyeful by the Flaums
Boudoir Slippers // Vintage from Vintage Fashion Cle

A Sunday spent in requires a beautiful nightgown set. I adore vintage lingerie and loungewear and like to wear it around the house. I love a nice pair of marabou mules or wedges but rarely wear them unless I have people over. I decided to have a movie marathon watching films on Criterion Channel and recommend two film noirs: The Woman in the Window (1944) and Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)—there’s some great looks and chilling storylines!


Thank you, Melody!


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