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Welcome to Week of Outfits, a regular column wherein I ask stylish women with closets filled with thrifted, vintage, and sustainable clothes to document their outfits for a week. Today’s installment features Jill Pigman, owner of I.F. Found Vintage

She explains, “The name, I.F. Found Vintage, came from those old tags that said, “if found return to ______”. I liked the idea that if I found something I could send it back out into the universe for its story to continue. I am a hopeless romantic in that way and it very much drives me while thrifting. I love the stories and imagining the past life of every piece I pick. But, also, the word IF seems hopeful to me. “If only” we just use the amazing things we already have instead of just making and consuming more, more, more. If only we all just make those small changes in our habits. Imagine, what if.”



80’s denim jacket
80’s oxford stripe button-down
90’s olive green leather pants
Retro Nike Killshot 2 trainers
All from @i.f.foundvintage except the Nikes

“A preface to all of these looks. I’m a mixed bag when it comes to fashion. Thrifting and vintage shopping gives me the perfect outlet to find my authentic style. I thrifted these leather pants because I loved the unique olive color. Mixed with an oversized denim jacket, a mixed pattern button-down, and tennies, this outfit is easy to wear but still interesting.”



80’s knit pullover
90’s hi-waisted rayon tapestry floral print pant
90’s black leather chunky heel ankle boot

“When I thrift, colors, prints, and patterns first catch my eye. But the hand of the fabric tells me the quality and also if I’ll want to wear it on my body-ultimate goal! This dolman sleeve knit is super soft & the floral pattern on these hi-waisted rayon pants are almost as good as they feel on.”



70’s elbow bishop sleeve blouse
Early 80’s Jordache denim
70’s tapestry bag
90’s leather chunky heel ankle boot

“When thrifting, if I ever happen upon vintage denim, I snag it! It just used to be made so well, and it’s authentically worn in all the right places. Denim is a good place to start when warming up to the idea of introducing vintage into your wardrobe. A vintage handbag is a great way to mix it in as well.”



70’s black wool beret
70’s silk print scarf
80’s oversized trench
90’s high-waist knit tapered pant
CDG Play Chuck Taylors
All @i.f.foundvintage except the Converse

“Thrifting is really one of my favorite things because I get to be surprised every time by my finds. I can put together things I might not have imagined I would have. And I am truly a mixed bag when it comes to fashion, so I find a lot of joy in the creativity thrifting inspires.”



80’s knit pullover
80’s herringbone tweed trench
90’s high-waisted plaid tapered trouser
CDG Play Chuck Taylors
All @i.f.foundvintage except the Converse

“Honestly, they just don’t make clothes like they used to. And if they do, you’re wallet will feel suddenly feather-light. I love thrifting because I find such quality pieces that withstood the test of time. And the vintage colors, patterns, and textures are so lovely to me.”



90’s knit pullover
Early 80’s Oscar de la Renta denim
90’s chunky platforms
CDG Play Chuck Taylors
CLE made tie-dye socks by No Rulz Art from @tartrockyriver
 Everything (but the socks) from @i.f.foundvintage

“Again, the designer vintage denim, you can never go wrong. Take some time finding the perfect fit. Vintage sizing can be tricky. I always tell my customers that if they like the wash and cut-try it! Don’t pay too much attention to the sizing on the tag; size standards have changed nearly every decade since the late ’30s.”



Vintage pearl and gold hoops
70’s ‘Virgo’ medallion necklace
90’s Patchwork Wool Blazer
Vintage black Lee mom jeans
90’s saddle-style oxfords

“A note about thrifting shoes, I always recommend bending the shoe at the middle where your foot naturally flexes when walking. See if the material cracks, especially the lining. Inspect them well; unfortunately, even quality shoes can fall prey to mildew and dry rot depending on how they were stored.”



Daughter to the left is wearing:
Thrifted 80’s tweed trench
Thrifted Vintage Levi’s
90’s Doc Martens from @foundedintime
CLE made earrings by @himikogogomemorabilia
I’m wearing:
70’s knit beret & 90’s leather fanny pack from @i.f.foundvintage
80’s floral print denim jumpsuit from @futurenofuture
Retro Nike Killshot 2 trainers
Daughter to the right is wearing:
80’s ABC sweater
Vintage high-waisted Levi’s shorts
Thrifted leggings
Vans hi-tops
CLE made 80’s inspired charm necklace by @himikogogomemorabilia

“One extra note: Fast fashion is especially tempting to give into when buying for your kiddos. I, too, struggle with it. But I say, don’t overlook thrifting in the kids’ section! Not only can you find unique vintage pieces but everyday basics at an amazing price. Teach them young about how their fashion choices make a difference.”


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