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Welcome to Week of Outfits, a regular column wherein I ask stylish women with closets filled with thrifted, vintage, and sustainable clothes to document their outfits for a week. Today’s installment features Jillian Lange, a Nashville-based nurse who runs the incredible Instagram account @frisky_gatos where she documents her daily outfits – mostly made up of pieces she found on The Real Real and Poshmark


Blazer // Stella McCartney (secondhand TRR – The Real Real)
Shirt // Everlane
Jeans // Grlfrnd Jeans (secondhand TRR)
Shoes // Able (local secondhand consignment)
Socks // Swedish Stockings via J. Crew
Headband // Lele Sandoughi (liquidator store)

I work in a day therapy program in a psychiatric hospital. I love that I can be a nurse and not have to wear scrubs to work. Many people in the healthcare industry that are into fashion understand that wearing scrubs to work can have a negative impact on our self-image. This is a classic uniform of mine: blazer + shirt buttoned-up all the way + straight-leg pants + socks + loafers. I wear this blue Everlane shrunken cotton shirt multiple times a week. It’s the perfect shirt for layering because it is short, so it tucks in without being bulky. Also, the sleeves are short, so they aren’t too bulky when you push the blazer sleeves up. I wear these blue socks multiple times a week. I don’t see the need to purchase more of these items despite wearing them all the time. I just hand wash the socks at night in the sink and wear them again the next day.


Jacket // Rochas (secondhand TRR)
Shirt // Everlane
Sweater // Unknown brand (secondhand Poshmark)
Pants // Acne Studios (secondhand Poshmark)
Shoes // New Balance via J. Crew
Socks // Swedish Stockings via J. Crew

Today I decided to dress like the painting my niece made me nine years ago when she was four. I instantly loved the color palette, put it in a frame, and it’s been on display in my living room ever since. I would say the colors here represent “my colors”: blush pink, baby blue, and yellow. During my 20’s and early 30’s, I thought I had to wear a lot of gray and black in order to dress like a “timeless French woman.” I’m so glad I recognized the ridiculousness of those articles because 1) gray washes me out, pink is a much better neutral base color, and 2) I have scalp psoriasis, and black is terrible for that (looks like a snowstorm on my shoulders). I wore this today for work and my Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at night. The weather in Tennessee is very strange this winter, and it became too warm, so I eventually ditched the coat, which made me sad because I’m obsessed with it. Usually, winter coats are in darker colors like black and navy, but I think wearing bright colors helps make a season that can traditionally be viewed as depressive, better.


Dress // Ulla Johnson (secondhand TRR)
Fanny // Coach
Sweater // Tibi (secondhand TRR)
Boots // Isabel Marant (secondhand Poshmark)

I wore this to a Brandi Carlile concert Ryman theater in Nashville, Tennessee. The Ryman is the original home of the Grand Ole Opry, and it is not unusual to see people dressed up in fun Western wear at shows here, and I’m one of them! Wearing this blue Ulla Johnson dress as a skirt is my go-to-move. I wear it more often as a skirt than as a dress. I’m not too much of a dress person, I only own four, but I make them work in multiple seasons by throwing sweaters or blazers on over them. My husband dropped me off, and I took an Uber back; I don’t think I’d be able to walk miles in these shoes otherwise! It’s pretty insane that I didn’t need a jacket waiting outside at 11 pm for an Uber in January, but I won’t complain because I couldn’t find a jacket that didn’t ruin this outfit and I’m a vain ass bitch like that.


Blazer // J. Crew
Shirt // Everlane
Jeans // Levi’s Wedgie (secondhand Poshmark)
Shoes // Gucci (secondhand TRR)

I’m wearing another iteration of my go-to formula: blazer + shirt buttoned-up all the way + straight-leg pants + socks + loafers (sans socks). I wore black jeans to work because I can’t wear denim, but I changed when I got home. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear because I feel like I look like Ellen DeGeneres in it, who is a style icon of mine. She was wearing suits with sneakers and t-shirts in the early 2010s before anyone else was. In fact, I once wore this to work with sneakers, and a bolo tie and a memory unit patient pointed at me and yelled, “It’s Ellen! It’s Ellen!” I went over and sat by him and pretended to be Ellen and made his day. Well, today marks the third day wearing that Everlane button-down shirt. It wasn’t hyperbole when I said I wear it multiple times a week! Sorry, not sorry if that’s nasty – literally, no one notices or cares.


Sweater // Tibi (secondhand TRR)
Jeans // Grlfrnd Jeans
Fanny // Coach (secondhand Poshmark)
Socks // Swedish Stockings via J. Crew
Shoes // Gucci (secondhand TRR)

Today I was off from work. I still like to get dressed even when I’m bumming around the house because it makes me feel more awake, productive, and confident. This pink puffy sleeve sweater is the greatest thing I own. It invigorated a creative side of me that no other piece of clothing has. I’ll be so sad when the day comes that it’s too trashed to wear. I feel like fanny packs worn as a crossbody bag is a “trademark” of mine (along with pink and big, padded headbands).

Thank you, Jillian!

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