Week Of Outfits // Sivan Eshel

Welcome to Week of Outfits, a regular column wherein I ask stylish women with closets filled with thrifted, vintage, and sustainable clothes to document their outfits for a week. Today’s installment features Sivan Eshel, owner of ReFried Vintage


Blouse: Vintage ’70s Christian Dior
Cardigan: Vintage Liz Claiborne
Pants: Vintage Jones New York
Purse: Vintage ’70s clutch
Jewelry: Gifts from Grandparents & Hubby
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths

“Headed to my Dad’s birthday dinner at the Marble Room. I wanted to be warm but still feel dressed up. I rarely wear trousers because I am petite at 5’2″ and I would have to get everything hemmed. That’s what makes vintage so great for me; ironically, there’s a lot more to choose from. Companies made more petite fashion at the time, and that’s why these pants fit perfectly!”


Hat: Originally My Dad’s from the 1999 World Series.
Trench coat: ’70s Bill Blass Sport
Denim: Vintage ’70s Orange Tab 505 Levi’s. (I cut the hem for the raw edge.)
Scarf: World Market
Shoes: Poshmark
Purse: ’70s vintage

“When it comes to getting dressed, I build most of my outfits around comfort. However, I don’t let comfort take away from style, so I always look for inspiration from street style blogs. I think that aesthetic combines comfort and style perfectly for me, and I love how it mixes so well with my vintage & thrifted finds. I also have been showing off my socks lately. This pair is from my favorite brand, Le Bon Shoppe, which is sold in my friend Heather’s boutique, Rising Boutique in Ohio City. We both sell our curated vintage selection there, but she also has an awesome small-batch line of newer items and accessories. Every time I drop vintage off, I am always buying these socks! These are the “boyfriend socks” in mustard, which matched my scarf perfectly!”


Hat:  Hand knit hat from a very talented friend!
Coat: Vintage ’80s
Sweater: Nordstrom Rack
Denim: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Bed Stu boots from Gabriel Brother’s
Bag: Straw ’70s bag from Madagascar (gift from my friend’s grandma)

“Running some errands today, and later meeting with some friends for dinner at Townhall. Since I rarely shop for new items, when I do venture off to a regular store, it actually feels more exciting than it used to – almost like a treat! It’s also more of a thoughtful shopping trip for me because I am spending more, so I really think, is my closet lacking? Did I try and find this item second hand? Am I going to hold on to it for a while? For example, I have had these pair of Bed Stu boots for years. They have been through so much and yet have stood the test of quality and time. I found these at a Gabriel Brother’s like seven years ago.”


Coat: Vintage ’80s ski jacket
Sweater: Thrifted Lululemon
Pants: Nordstrom Rack
Socks: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage Nike “Dad” sneakers
Bag: Vintage ’60s velvet hand purse

“At my favorite ice cream shop! Of course, I came for the ramen on this particularly cold day. Again, not shying away from comfortable pieces. Tip: If you’re like me and you like more sporty pieces, check out the Boys and Men’s section for athleisure items. This coat is so very warm (and huge), which I found in the boys’ section of a thrift store. My advice, and it’s not for everyone BUT if you are going to wear a puffer, wear a huge puffer and embrace it : )”


Hat: knit beanie (gift from Mom)
Coat: Vintage ’80s structured wool blazer coat
Sweater: Vintage ’70s Liz Claiborne Fair Isle sweater
Denim: Lucky Brand
Bag: Vintage Coach
Shoes: Chanel from Barney’s NY
Socks: Sorel

“Jewel tones are some of my favorite ways to bring color into the winter months. A pop of color goes a long way. In this case, mostly color. LOL. I created this look based on one of my all-time treasured vintage coats. The color and shape of it go with almost everything in my closet! I probably reach for this one the most on colder days. Another fun way to dress a cold-weather outfit is with some fun investment boots. I purchased these Chanel boots on a trip a few years ago in New York at Barney’s (RIP Barney’s I will miss you) for a heck of a deal from the original price. These boots are functional and will be on my rotation every winter season.”


Sweater: Vintage The Limited
T-Shirt: Thrifted
Pants: Vintage Fashion Cle
Socks: Amazon
Shoes: Thrifted Camper

“It was so gross and rainy; I just grabbed whatever felt cozy to me! However, I wanted to mix in something unexpected. For this outfit, tennis shoes would have made a lot of sense, but I felt like patent leather booties would be just as cute and elevate this OTT comfy look. As you can see by this outfit- mixing colors, styles, and vintage is the fun part. I really get excited when it all somehow ties together for me when I get dressed.”


Hat: Hand-knit by my friend
Shawl/Sweater: Thrifted Sak’s Fifth Avenue
Coat: Thrifted for 99 cents!
Flannel: Free People (old)
Pants: ’70s suede tan balloon pants (from one of the first Cleveland Fleas!)
Socks: ’70s socks from my Mom
Shoes: Classic Birkenstock Arizona in black suede
Sunglasses: Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear (old)

“Weirdly warmish day, walking with my baby! When it’s mild out, I like to play around with layering. Dressing for colder days doesn’t have to be boring. Sick of wearing a scarf throw on a larger sweater to wrap around as a shawl instead. I also did a little print mixing with the plaid top and the stripes of the sweater. It all ties together with a similar color scheme. I am a big fan of print mixing and would love to do more of it.”


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