What I Eat In A Day // Grad Student & Yoga Teacher Isabel Ballard

Isabel Ballard is not only enhancing the minds and souls of the Cleveland yoga community (you may remember her from this yoga teacher post), she is also on her way to helping the lives of many more people as she pursues her Masters in Social Work at Case Western Reserve University. Isabel and I have been friends since high school and I honestly can’t remember a time when she didn’t have the biggest smile on her face and warm disposition. The yoga helps, as does her healthy and balanced outlook on all things health and wellness. For this reason, I knew she had to be our second feature in the “What I Eat In A Day” series! Here is what this grad school student and yoga teacher consumes on a regular weekday:

“My alarm goes off at 6:00 am. It is my first day back for my second semester of grad school. I have a full day at my internship, and I was motivated to get up and do yoga at home before I went. Sadly, I snoozed until 6:45 am — not the best start to my morning! Despite waking up late, I still had time to do a long walk with my dog Cleo and then drink coffee with some oat milk in it. I stopped drinking coffee regularly over a year ago. I love tea and find that I don’t get as dehydrated. That said, every once in awhile, I like to have coffee, especially if I need an extra boost. I needed it today!  I still got my morning meditation in and some quiet time with my coffee.

I should preface this food diary with the fact that I live with my parents right now. I’m in grad school, so living rent-free seemed like the best option. Plus, I love them, and they are pretty great roommates. The other perk of living with them is my mom is a really great cook, so I rarely have to prepare my own meals.

This morning, she made one of her super healthy smoothies packed with apples, power greens, wild blueberries, cauliflower, chia seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax, and cilantro. She doesn’t even use nut milk; that is how healthy she is! She just uses water. I have also found that too much nut milk can upset my stomach, so I avoid using them as a base of smoothies (thank you, Abigail Taft Nutrition!). That was my breakfast – super nutrient-packed and an excellent start to my day. Each day is different, depending on what veggies she froze, and sometimes she puts some nut butter in there. Thanks, Mom!

I headed out to my internship with a packed lunch with included leftovers from lunch the previous day, a lunch that, again, my mom made. In between approximately 50 cold calls (not a very typical day at my internship – I work at Fieldstone Farm TRC), I ate a bunch of roasted veggies, which included broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, squash, and beets. There were also gigante beans mixed in for some protein. I poured some lemon tahini dressing all over it for a flavor boost. On my drive home around 3 pm, I ate three dates as a snack and some raw pumpkin seeds.

We usually eat dinner around 7 pm when my Dad gets home. I prefer to eat earlier since I like to go to bed early and need some time to digest. However, I don’t make the rules around here, and I’m also not the one cooking! For dinner, my mom prepared a lentil and garbanzo bean curry and brown rice. She also sautéed some snow peas. I had two helpings and am excited to report that there are leftovers for my lunch tomorrow for my first day of classes for the second semester!

Before I go to bed, I like to drink some Sleepytime tea to signal to my body that it is time to go to sleep. Much like the ritual of drinking tea or coffee in the morning works me into my day, I like to use it to settle me out of it. Off to make my tea!”

Thank you, Isabel!

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