Why I Can’t Get Enough of Barre3 Online

Earlier this year, when the lease ended on my last car, I opted not to get another one. As I work from home, I didn’t need it for commuting, so my only genuine concern was how I would get to my daily work-out classes. Instead of paying for Ubers, I realized that I was going to have to create a workout schedule that I could do from home. This made me a little nervous because I love in-person group classes so much, and I liked the accountability – those cancellation fees really start adding up. But I didn’t have many options! Almost nine months later, I can confidently say that I have created an at-home workout routine that works for me and that I happily stick to. In addition to cardio and yoga, this routine includes 3-4 days of Barre3 online.

It is nothing new that I love barre. Since I was first introduced to it years ago in LA, it has been my workout of choice. By combining the movement of ballet with the strengthening of pilates and the stretching of yoga, Barre classes improve your balance, build strength, make you more flexible, and focus on your core. Plus, it is a fun way to burn calories!

Unlike other workouts, I am more-than-happy to do barre multiple times a week – I look forward to it every time! This style of exercise is low-impact and easy to adjust based on what your body wants. Somedays, I really push myself with heavier weights and deeper holds; other days, I slow it down, ditch the props, and focus on my breath and alignment. I can’t stop talking about how much I love Barre3 online, so here are the proven benefits of barre classes and why I can’t stop streaming my workouts.

Benefits of Barre


No matter what your fitness level is, you can do a barre3 class and get a whole load out of it. If you are new to working out or looking to get back into the game, barre classes are a fantastic way to ease back into a fitness routine slowly.

Strengthens All Parts Of Your Body

Generally, all barre workouts start with a series of breathing exercises and a mat-based warm-up, before moving into an arm workout, which is followed by a lower-body series. At the end, the workout is tied together with some intense core work. Throughout the class, you focus on tiny isometric movements that contract your muscles without altering their length. These isometric movements isolate specific muscles while you hold each posture. So every part of your body gets attention, creating and maintaining strength without tearing the muscle (as you do in higher-impact workouts). Your bum, stomach, back, thighs, glutes, and arms will all reap the benefits of these small isometric movements.


During a barre class, you are likely going to notice your body shaking a little. These “shakes” are what you are aiming for because it is a telling sign that you are achieving deep muscle burn without overexertion. This is crucial because the exercises are targeting muscles without bringing pain to areas of your body that are prone to injury.

Improves Posture

In barre, there is a big focus on strengthening the muscles through the chest and shoulders, which prevents you from slouching. Almost immediately, you will find yourself naturally standing taller with better elongation throughout your body. Plus, this improved posture helps to reduce that 4 p.m. back pain you get from sitting at a desk all day. In other words, you will transform into a graceful swan.

Boosts Flexibility

The combination of stretching and the focus on posture pushes your flexibility to the limit. After each strength-training segment, there will be a stretch, which is key to the long-term improvement of your flexibility. You don’t need to be a ballerina to start, but after a few sessions, you will be surprised at how much your flexibility increases.

Balances Your Body & Mind

A central component of barre is working on your balance – both in the literal and figurative sense. The moves help you to improve your posture, stand taller, and build a stronger center of gravity (your core). With physical balance comes improved digestion, increased energy, and a minimized risk of injury. I find that barre sits somewhere between the “quietening the mind” of yoga and the “get it all out” of cardio classes. Instead, barre feels like a form of mediation, as each small movement demands a level of mindfulness to stay engaged. By the end of every class, I feel lifted and calm.


Benefits of Barre3 Online


For me, the convenience of Barre3 online is unrivaled. I mean, I get to walk downstairs, roll out my mat, press play, and get the thing done. No more driving to a studio, parking, chatting with Sally, driving home, etc. Now, I can wake up, do my session, hop in the shower, and be done with it. Zero time wasted! I also love the fact that I can keep up with it while I am traveling. As long as I have internet and preferably a mat (although I have used hotel room towels in the past, oops), I can do my work-out.


What is fantastic about Barre3’s online site is that it provides plenty of ways for you to customize your workout. You can filter their library by workout length (ranging from 10-60 minutes), instructor, and props. They also have collections such as “Prenatal,” “Studio Favorites,” and “Balance Challenge.” This ensures that you can always find a workout that suits your schedule and mood.


For only $29 a month, you get full access to the Barre3 online library. The cost of one in-class session! Win, win, win.


If you are anything like me, you tend to wear the same workout clothes over and over again (I don’t sweat that much while doing barre); however, no-one but you has to know! By doing it in the privacy of your own home, you can stop and start as often as you want, wear what you like, and focus on the moves rather than on what everyone else is doing.

What to Know About Barre3 Props

Prop-wise, I recommend starting out purchasing the core ball and resistance band from the Barre3 website. When I first started, I went for the Basics Props KitWeights and a yoga-mat are necessary, but you don’t necessarily need to purchase the Barre3 ones, you can get them anywhere. I still haven’t bought the core sliders, although, at this point, I probably should.

When I travel, I take the core ball and resistance band with me and leave behind the weights. The ball quickly deflates/reinflates (it comes with a little straw and takes two puffs), making it ideal for moving around. Sometimes I will choose the no-props workouts, or I will do the regular workouts with the props that I have. All the videos have three instructors, the main one and two who are doing variations, so they always give you options with/with-out props.


I think that is all I have to say about Barre3 online for today! Barre3 online has seriously changed the game for me when it comes to maintaining a workout routine, so I am excited to finally share it with you!

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below!


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