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I remember a couple of years ago when couples who met on dating apps made up other ways in which they met. The apps were new and – for whatever reason – it still wasn’t seen as an “acceptable” way to meet someone. Now, they have been around long enough, and it is such a common practice that no-one blinks an eye when you say you swiped right on each other. Friendship apps, on the other hand, haven’t quite reached that same level of prominence. I think, in part, it is because it seems like some kind of failure that you have to use an app to find friends. However, we all know how difficult it can be to make friends as an adult, and these apps make meeting new people a lot easier.

Earlier this year, I downloaded Bumble BFF to see what it was all about. It was partly genuine curiosity (I have never used technology for dating) but also because I wanted to find a few new girlfriends. When I was traveling full-time, I would meet new people every day, and I missed that! I also didn’t want to have to rely on R for my social life, and I think it is crucial to have your own people when you are in a relationship. Plus, I love hanging out with girls! After a few months of using the app, I now have three girls who I consider friends! Two of them I have been hanging out with regularly since the summer, and one of them is a newer addition to the group, but we all instantly hit it off!

To help clear up some of the confusion surrounding Bumble BFF and to show that it actually can work, I asked the three of them to answer some questions about their experience using the friend app. Read on for some insights and tips about using Bumble BFF and why they think you should make a profile today.


Hi! My name is Olivia, and I am a 24-year-old Cleveland native. I am a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in English and minors in Art History and Philosophy. I am a lover of books, film, hiking, drunken philosophical conversations, dogs, travel, wine & craft beer, over-priced restaurants, and dry humor.

+ Initially, what attracted you to Bumble BFF?
After moving back home after almost a year abroad, I found that most of my friends had moved away to other parts of the country to start their lives/careers. At first, this fact made me very depressed since it felt like everyone was moving on, but I came to terms with the fact that this is what happens when people graduate college. I also saw this as an opportunity to “start anew” in my hometown, and I thought Bumble BFF was a great way to branch out and meet new people in Cleveland. And if they were new to my hometown, it was also an opportunity to show them everything that Cleveland has to offer.

+ What was your strategy for setting up your profile? 
I gave an overview of my interests and hobbies so that people viewing my profile could see what I was interested in. If we have similar interests, then that’s great. If we don’t, then that’s great also. It was more for people viewing my profile to decide than for me. I was open to meeting just about anyone.

+ What do you look for in other people’s profiles?
Overall, if they seemed “friendly,” had good pictures and put effort into writing an “about me” section. Although I was pretty liberal when deciding which friends to “like.” I was interested in talking to just about anyone if they had something interesting to say in their “about me.”

+ Describe some of your first experiences.
Sometimes, I found it hard to go from texting on the app to actually meeting up. There were a couple that came close, but we just never found the time! Eventually, it just fizzled out. But I did manage to go on a couple of friend “dates” that ended up going very well! We just got coffee or a drink. There was only one instance where I wasn’t interested in seeing a girl ever again, only because she talked about herself and her shitty roommate the entire time.

+ Do you usually make the first move? Why/why not?
I’d make the first move! What do I have to lose?

+ Did you ever find it awkward or weird? 
No, not really. Most girls are very friendly. Plus, I’m not really one to make those sorts of things weird. I have lots of experience meeting new people, and I’d say I’m generally a good conversationalist.

+ What do you like the most about the app? What do you like the least?
The entire concept is great. It provides an opportunity to meet new people if you move to a new place or need a new social circle. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that people can be very flakey and unresponsive. That’s just the nature of these apps, though.

+ Overall, how would you describe your experience with Bumble BFF?
Great! I’ve made some friends, and isn’t that the entire goal of the app?


Erika Howard, new Clevelander, originally from the sunshine state. Working from home for a San Fransisco based tech PR company, wife, and cat mom.

+ Initially, what attracted you to Bumble BFF?
I had a few friends from Chicago who used Bumble BFF and met some cool people, so I figured it was worth a shot when I moved to Cleveland!

+ What was your strategy for setting up your profile?
Just be real and authentic!

+ What do you look for in other people’s profiles?
Similar minded people who live close by 🙂

+ Do you usually make the first move? Why/why not?
Yes! I like to invite people to workout classes – less pressure than grabbing a coffee or a drink.

+ How do you decide who to meet up with in person?
I decide based on how the conversation is going and how much we have in common.

+ What do you like the least about the app? 
I don’t like that matches expire! I travel for work a lot and think there are a lot of missed opportunities.

+ What would you tell someone who was thinking about using it?
Just do it! It’s easy and pretty low pressure.


Hi, I’m Rose! I’m a postdoctoral researcher that moved to Cleveland in July 2018. In my spare time, I like to read, binge watch TV shows, try new restaurants, go hiking, and travel!

+ Initially, what attracted you to Bumble BFF?
I decided to try Bumble BFF when my attempts to meet new people and make friends through work and group meetups were not gaining any traction.

+ What was your strategy for setting up your profile?
Having met my husband in college, I had never set up a dating profile before, so everything was new and exciting! Bumble BFF made setting up the profile very easy and intuitive with some question prompts that helped to get the creative juices flowing.

+ What do you look for in other people’s profiles?
I filled out my profile pretty thoroughly and uploaded several pictures. I was mostly looking for others who had put in a similar level of effort in their profiles and had similar interests to me.

+ Describe some of your first experiences.
I was “pen pals” with all my first several matches, and they didn’t end up going anywhere as none of us knew how to make that jump to meeting in person! Finally, one brave connection made the first move to set up an in-person meet, and our first friend date was a great success! That made me more confident to be the first one to set up friend dates with several of my other matches.

+ What are your go-to opening lines? 
My opening lines are almost always a comment or a question about something I found interesting from their profile.

+ Did you ever find it awkward or weird? 
I had good conversations with most of my matches but ran into some who couldn’t carry a conversation. It’s exhausting if you’re the only one asking questions and coming up with topics to talk about! In general, I would not make an effort to meet up with anyone if I felt like it was a chore to communicate with them or if they would take days to respond (without a good reason, that is). Thankfully, none of my in-person meet-ups were ever awkward. I’m a fan of getting coffee or a meal for first friend dates so we can get to know each other. For all of mine so far, we would end up talking nonstop and usually have several things in common or have interesting things going on in our lives that we could talk about. I think the average length of my first friend dates is somewhere between 2-3 hours!

+ What do you like the most about the app?
I think the app is a great way to meet new people, especially when moving to a new city. The majority of friends I’ve made from the app are those who have recently moved to Cleveland. I’ve also had matches with locals who want to expand their friend groups. It also helps that everyone using the app is already in the same mindset as you and are ready to open themselves up to strangers!

+ Do you have any tips to share?
My main tip is to be your most authentic self when creating your profile and having conversations with matches. It’s okay if you dislike yoga and going shopping – you will find others who feel the same! And it’s okay if you find the Bachelor tacky but match with someone who absolutely loves watching anything and everything to do with it – you’ll definitely find other things to bond over.



  1. Elizabeth
    November 23, 2019 / 9:44 pm

    You’ve convinced me to sign up! Going to use it to look for new friends and a book club!

    • Jenny Heyside
      November 25, 2019 / 10:55 am

      Yay!! Love it!! Let me know how it goes!

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